I love the guitar stylings of Chet Atkins, the vocal harmonies of the Four Freshmen, the art of Frank Frazetta, the character Tarzan of the Apes, the greatest comic books of all time, EC comics, and classic newspaper comic strips like GASOLINE ALLEY and ALLEY OOP.

Art Books (other artists)

Click here to shop books containing artwork done for comic books and fantasy books by artists other than Frazetta.

EC Comics

EC (Entertaining Comics) were published from 1948 through 1955 and included titles like "Tales from the Crypt", "Weird Science", and others. These important and widely collected comic books have been reprinted in various formats. Click here to shop.

About  Russ Cochran

I am a "niche" publisher, which means that I do not publish books for the mass market, but instead for a small niche of collectors. The Chet Atkins book was published for guitar players who love Chet's music. It was a limited edition of 1200 copies which originally sold for $150 and now sells for at least $300. The Les Paul book was an edition of 1500 copies which originally sold for $200 and now sells for $300-$400. You can find these books on Amazon.com. These are all signed, limited editions which will not be reprinted and will therefore increase in value with time.

I have collected original comic art for more than 40 years. Once a month, I conduct an online auction of original comic art which was done for newspaper strips and comic books. With my many years of experience, I am an expert in the area and am available to do appraisals of all types of comic art. Another important "niche" that I have published for is collectors of comics of all types, especially comic books published in the 1950s by EC (Entertaining Comics), including Tales from the Crypt, The Vault of Horror, Weird Science and others, and newspaper comics from before 1940, which was the Golden Age of Newspaper Comics in America. My series of The Complete EC Library consisted of more than 50 hardcover books in slipcased sets. EC comics are probably the most-reprinted comics of all time!​

Comic Art Auction

Artists' original drawings done for comic books and newspaper comic strips are drawn in ink with no color and these originals are valuable collector's items. Each month I conduct an auction for collectors of these original drawings. Click here to see the current auction.

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Books about EC Comics

Chet Atkins and me, 1962, Nashville

Classic newspaper strip books

Things I Love

Books Reprinting Newspaper Comic Strips

There are basically two kinds of comic art: comic books and newspaper comic strips. The greatest newspaper comic strips have now been reprinted in hardcover books. Click here to shop these books.

Books About Musicians and American Legends

I have published the books shown above in deluxe, limited edition hardcover books, each copy signed by the author. These books are designed specifically for the "niche" audience for each book. Click on the icons above to shop these books.

Tarzan and Bolgani drawing by Frazetta

Books featuring art by Frazetta

Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta was an iconic artist whose work in comic books and fantasy books is generally considered to be the greatest ever done in these genres. Click here to shop books about and containing artwork by Frazetta