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“If you like Sunday comics, here’s a deal you can’t pass up! I published two issues of the SUNDAY FUNNIES, each containing a cornucopia of old Sunday pages from the 1920s and 1930s, they are full newspaper size and printed in full color on newsprint (as they were meant to be!). Special offer now is BOTH SUNDAY FUNNIES #1 and #2 for only $25. I guarantee your satisfaction with these!!” ~ Russ Cochran

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You will see the first ten GASOLINE ALLEY Sunday Pages, the six ALLEY OOP Sunday Pages, the famous Hal Foster TARZAN “Egyptian sequence” and that’s just #1 SECTION A! There are a full six sections to this package!

Gasoline Alley by Frank King: 54 full-page Sunday strips from 10/24/1920 to 10/30/1921

Alley Oop & Dinny’s Family Album: by V.T. Hamlin: 27 full-page Sunday strips from 9/9/1934 through 3/24/1935

Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs, drawn by Hal Foster: 24 full-page Sunday strips from 1/1/1933 through 3/20/1932

Bronc Peeler, “Save The Picture” & Uncle Bill by Fred Harman: 21 full-page Sunday strips from 10/7/1934 through 2/24/1935

Buck Rogers in the Year 2430 drawn by Dick Calkins & written by Phil Nowlan: 12 full-page Sunday strips from 3/30/1930 through 6/15/1930

Connie by Frank Godwin: 12 full-page Sunday strips from 9/11/1938 through 11/27/1938 (Wonderland 11 bottom fillers)

Bobbie Make-Believe by Frank King: 8 full-page Sunday strips from 7/11/1915 through 9/19/1915

Jungle Imps by Winsor McCay & George Randolph Chester: 6 fill-page Sunday strips from 3/29/1903 through 5 more from 1903 (The Enquirer, Cincinnati)

Wee Willie Winkle’s World by Lyonel Fininger: 6 full-page Sunday strips from 8/19/1906 plus 5 more from 1906, Chicago Tribune

Crazy Quilt by Lowry, King, Hall, Cornwell, Ambrose & Lederer: 4 full-page Sunday strips from 4/19/1914 through 5/3/1914

Krazy Kat by George Herrimon: 4 full-page Sunday strips from 2/5/1922 through 3/5/1922

Right Around Home by Dudley Fisher:  4 full-page Sunday strips from 1/15/1939 through 7/6/1939

Stumble Inn by George Herriman: 4 full-0page Sunday strips from 12/9/1922 through 12/30/1922

Jerry on the Job by Hoban: 1 bottom filler 9/25/1938, a Grape Nuts ad

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